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Last updated on May 7th, 2020 at 03:46 pm

WordPress Blog creation service

Today, there are millions of blogs already on the internet that if you don’t own one yet, you would be thinking: Why should I even bother creating a blog when there are thousands out there?

However, it is a mistake to think that way, because there are more and more people prepared, waiting to contribute their own opinions on several topics across the world, which is why, even if there are thousands of blogs out there, there will always be a place for yours. You just have to give your best and provide valuable content.

Each person has a unique identity, different views on things and diverse knowledge. So, no one is you, and no one can publish the same way as you, and that is what can turn your blog into a success story.

But what if you decide to create the blog, but lack the technical know-how? Do you throw all of your ideas into the trash-can?

Of course not.

You do not have to give up on your aspirations, because we are always here for you.

We can help set up a professional WordPress blog for you, and guide you on various blogging tips until you make your first dollar.

So what’s the price? You may ask. $100, $200, $300? Hell no!

Just $50. How generous!

For just 50 dollars, you will be getting

  • A professional looking WordPress blog
  • A custom domain name of your choice
  • Premium and SEO optimised theme
  • Pre-installation of the necessary plugins
  • Cpanel hosting
  • Blogging mentorship till you start seeing results.

Of a truth, we are indeed very generous.

So if you are interested in this offer while it still lasts, shoot us a mail at support@richtechy.com, or you can make use of the contact form here

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