Mobdro review – a comprehensive analysis of the live streaming Android app.

Streaming services have come a long way to be a widely accepted means of getting video entertainment. NetFlix has been the most popular streaming service across the United States and Europe but has had to contend with other top gunners such as Peacock, HBO Max, and Disney+.

Since the unanticipated increase in the price of cable TV subscriptions, a lot of streaming apps and services have come and gone. These video streaming apps act as the bridge between premium television programs and humans without having to pay extra subscription fees that comes with cable TV. Although many of these apps and services promise awesome viewing experience, only a few were accepted into the world by streamers.

Mobdro was quickly accepted and it rapidly became one of the most used free videos, news, movies, and series streaming app, it has an easy user interface, setting it up is elementary, and it has lots of channels.

This article involves a comprehensive Mobdro review, including its full features, pros and cons, and how to set it up.

Mobdro Review – A Reliable Streaming App In 2021

Mobdro is an Android-based streaming application that gathers series, movies, documentaries, and live TV from all over the web and makes it accessible to its users via its application on their Android devices. Although it cannot be found on the Android app store, it is compatible with all Android smartphones and other devices running on the Android Operating System (Google Chromecast, Chromecast 2, and Amazon Fire TV Stick).

Almost any video available on the web (both free and premium) can be found on mobdro and best of all is that mobdro is 100% free to use with the exception of setting it up on Chromecast. Using Mobdro on Chromecast would require users to purchase the Premium Mobdro subscription which is also not expensive when compared to cable TV subscription rates.

Outstanding Features Of The Mobdro Streaming App

  • Friendly User Interface: For a streaming app with technically every video on earth, mobdro has done an awesome job in keeping its app clean and professional looking. Unlike other free streaming apps that simply dump available videos on the homepage, mobdro arranges all its videos and streaming channels into different categories. Thus, finding a particular video is easy as you can simply use the search button, you can also discover new videos or channels by surfing through the available categories.
  • Video-Sharing: This feature allows you to share a favorite video with your friends, if they have not installed the app they will be prompted to do that while those that already have the app can instantly watch the video as well. One of my favorite parts of this video sharing feature is that you can also have a peek of what your friends are also watching on the app.
  • Unrestricted Access to Contents: Movies, series, kid shows, music videos, documentaries, news, talk shows, and other streaming apps are available for free streaming on Mobdro. mobdro gives you access to free video services like BBC, Aljazeera, and SkySports, it also acts as a third party streamer for YouTube (you can easily access any YouTube content directly from mobdro), premium services like new and trending movies, series, tv stations are also free on Mobdro.
  • Multilingual Contents: Streamable contents offered in Mobdro is not only limited to English, you can also stream the contents of other languages. Mobdro supports all major languages in the world and also offers subtitle options for some content. Users can also filter contents based on their language preference, Mobdro will only display streams that are available in the languages that are selected by the user. To set your language preferences,
  1. open the Mobdro app,
  2. Click on the drop-down menu,
  3. click on settings,
  4. Scroll down and click on Select Languages. Mobdro currently supports 12 languages including English, German, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, and French.
  • Offline Download: Going out without Wi-Fi or other forms of internet connection? Mobdro is not limited to only online use, this streaming app allows users to download their favorite videos which can be accessible offline anytime. There is no limit to the number of videos that can be saved offline, this depends on your device’s storage.
  • Content Bookmarking: This is a good feature for saving content that you want to easily find later. This should not be mistaken for offline download, this feature simply saves the directory of the content so you can locate it with one tap. Users still need an internet connection to access bookmarked content.
  • Video to Audio Converter: This is a feature that can be used to extract the audio files in a video. So while watching a music video, you can easily convert it to audio and listen to it.
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Streamable Contents On Mobdro

Almost everything can be streamed on Mobdro, from news to movies, YouTube videos, and live streams, and even live TV stations. All these contents are placed into several categories such as;

  • Series: All Television shows that are broadcast over the web.
  • News: Channels that cover the latest information and happenings all around the world.
  • Movies: Channels dedicated to showing full-length movies. Both classic and latest movies can be streamed in this category.
  • Tech: Features channels and videos that are dedicated to tech, DIY, and other technology shows.
  • Gaming: Users can watch videos from their favorite games and gamers, this includes videos from Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and other E-sport channels.
  • Animals: Documentaries that cover the life and behavior of different animals and other wildlife shows. The top channels here are NatGeo Wild, BBC WildLife, and Discovery Family.
  • Sports: Stay in trend with your favorite sports teams and athletes. This category has tons of dedicated sports channels that cover major sports including Football, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, and Hockey. Users can also stream live sports games for free.
  • Spiritual: Stay in touch with your spiritual guides. This category has tons of faith-based channels.
  • Music: Different music videos and audios can be streamed for free in this category.
  • Podcasts: Radio casts from anywhere in the world. Provided that it is on the web, you will most likely find it here.
  • Others: This category is for contents that cannot be categorized, users can discover new content in this category.
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Mobdro Review – Pros

  • Free access to premium TV services.
  • Easy to use.
  • Access to all variety of contents.
  • Sign up not required.
  • Videos can be downloaded for offline access.

Mobdro Review – Cons

  • Available to only Android users.
  • The app takes no responsibility for any lawsuit.
  • Not available on Google Playstore.
  • Security Issue: The use of a VPN is recommended.
  • Frequent Ads
  • Chromecast is only compatible with the premium version.

Things To Note About Mobdro Streaming App

  • Modbro is totally free for all Android devices however, it uses ads from Amazon Affiliate Program, Google AdSense, and eBay Partner Program to generate revenue to keep the app running. So while using the Mobdro streaming app, you will be shown lots of ads from these advertising networks.
  • Users are advised not to upload embedded images on Mobdro’s websites. Mobdro hints that those images can be downloaded by other Mobdro users and information can be extracted from them.
  • If a user leaves a comment on Mobdro’s app or website, the web server keeps a log of the data in the comment (user IP address and browser user agent), this logging is done to locate and protect against spam.
  • Every time a user visits Mobdro’s official website, their personal data (IP address, time zone and time of visit, and other personal information) are saved on Mobdro’s server. This data is managed by Google Analytics and CloudWays.

How To Install Mobdro On Android Devices

This is an installation guide for Mobdro on Android devices. Since it is not available on Google Play Store, the installation process might be a little bit more complicated than the normal process of simply clicking Install directly on the Play Store.

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To install Mobdro on Android, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the settings menu on your Android device.
  • Scroll down and open Security.
  • Scroll to Unknown Sources and turn it on.
  • A prompt will pop up, click on Ok to confirm. This will allow you to install apps on your device without using Google Play Store.
  • Open your device’s internet browser and head over to
  • On the home screen, you will find a big button with DOWNLOAD THE APP written on it. Click on it, and your download should start immediately. Mobdro works only on Android 4.4 devices and above.
  • Once the download is complete, click on the app to begin the installation. This should take some few seconds and Mobdro has been successfully installed on your Android device.
  • Allow all permissions requested by the app to enable it to function well.


Mobdro App Review (Final Verdict)

Having read this Mobdro review to this point, you will be convinced that Mobdro is definitely one of the best free streaming software on the Android platform. Android users who want to keep in touch with their favorite TV shows and videos while on the go, will find Mobdro very appealing.

Although streaming from Mobdro doesn’t give 4K quality that can be gotten from other streaming sources such as YouTube, NetFlix, and Hulu, the video quality on Mobdro is still excellent and the server is always up. If your internet connection is good, you can stream for hours non stop without facing any glitches or buffering.

Mobdro is free, lightweight, fast, and is worth downloading if you don’t want to pay extra for cable Tv or other streaming services. Meanwhile you can also check out some of the best Mobdro alternatives.

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