This article list some of the best Mobdro alternatives for streaming live content. 

When we hear the word “streaming”, we think about movies and TV shows, but it’s more than just that. Streaming is also about live events like sports, news, and everything else that is available on live TV.

For a novice cord-cutter interested in free live TV streaming, life can be difficult if you are unaware of the right apps or don’t know where to find them.

Most people begin their live streaming experience with Mobdro due to the fact that it is popular, easier to install, and free, although it has a premium version. But the main reason most people prefer Mobdro is that it can broadcast a plethora of live TV channels, including sports.

However, if you’ve tried Mobdro and are looking for other Mobdro alternatives, you are reading the right article. Because you will discover some of the most popular apps like Mobdro in this post. These apps are suitable for live TV streaming and best of all – they are free, just like Mobdro.

What is Mobdro?Mobdro Alternatives

Mobdro is an application that offers free streaming content service, from which you can watch sports, television series, movies, and more. 

It is characterized by having an intuitive and organized interface, where users access the content they want very quickly. It can be played on the same mobile or if you have Chromecast you can display the content on your TV.

Mobdro’s operation is similar to an antenna that captures radio frequency signals. In this case, Mobdro collects streaming content from external sources and organizes them for users. It must be clear that the official channels of the information they offer are not hosted on their servers.

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As it is a free application, they are not responsible for the fall or malfunction of any video or channel.


Why look for apps like Mobdro?

Of course, Mobdro is not the only application that offers streaming service, and the best thing about open source applications is that they leave the door open for thousands of programmers to develop new and better applications every day.

But why do people search for Mobdro alternatives? Here are some possible reasons;

  • Mobdro offers a good service, but many users have reported compatibility problems with some Smart TVs due to some differences with the native operating systems of the devices.
  • Another negative point is that a good part of the contents displayed has presented reproduction failures. This is explained and understood because Mobdro does not produce its own content, so it does not host them on its servers. 
  • It is also necessary to bear in mind that the immense variety of entertainment platforms has been harmed by the number of legal disputes regarding copyright, something that not even paid streaming services can prevent from affecting users.

It is a fact that in Premium services such as Netflix or HBO, a significant number of movies or television shows cannot be accessed just because they belong to rival studios or companies.

This has become one of the most common dissatisfactions among users who, when searching for a specific series or movie, and not finding it, opt to search for Mobdro alternatives instead.

Apps Like Mobdro – Best Free Mobdro Alternatives

The list of apps like Mobdro presented below have been tested and will be analyzed.

1. Live NetTVLivenettv

This Mobdro alternative as the name implies offers free streaming of live TV. It has more than 800 live television channels in the following nine categories: Sports, Entertainment, News, Cinema, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Children, and Religion. The service provides content from various countries such as the UK, Pakistan, India, Arabic, Turkey, and other international countries.

If your favorite channel is absent, Live NetTV offers you an option where you can request it. You can even report a channel if it is not working. The Live NetTV service also has a Live Events calendar where you can get information about upcoming Live TV events. 

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2. Kraken Tv 

Kraken TV offers an extensive and varied range of television channels with dozens of Latin American television channels. The installation of the app is simple, it is light, easy to use, and does not require additional installations.

Its great disadvantage is that it does not offer streaming of movies or television series, but is limited to the live transmission of television channels. It is free to access and available for Android versions from 4.1.



3. Freeflix HQ

As the name implies, they specialize in high-quality content. Freeflix is ​​a multiplatform system for free streaming.


  • Access to unlimited 1080p movies and TV shows
  • Chromecast support
  • Ability to download and watch offline
  • Features 5000+ anime shows and movies which are updated on a daily basis
  • Up to date TV calendar and schedule
  • Supports Trakt TV which helps to automatically track what you are watching
  • Built in player with subtitles




UKTVNOW offers one of the best live TV streaming apps like Mobdro. Offers over 150 channels for users to choose what to watch. Channels can be navigated through categories or countries from which content is provided, such as the UK, US, Canada, India, etc. Categories include; entertainment, sports, news, drama, movies, and more.

The application is easy to use and with a great user interface. The application is provided in APK format as it was created for Android platforms. But that is nothing to worry about, since it can be installed on other platforms such as Windows, through software that emulates the Android platform.

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5. ThopTvApps like mobdro

ThopTv hosts lots of free and premium channels ranging from live sports, movies, music, news, entertainment, etc, which you can stream for free without the need for a user account. However, you may find out that some of the channels are not available in your country, and in this case, the use of a VPN will be required.

You should download the apk file from the link below app since it is unavailable on Google’s play store and install. Remember to “allow the installation of unknown apps” in your phone settings.



This article has been written for purely informative and comparative purposes. 

While it is understood that the applications presented have been developed in open source and use for streaming content that may be protected by copyright, it is not the intention of this website to promote the misuse of private property.

Therefore, RichTechy will not be held responsible for the way users will make use of the Mobdro alternatives that have been discussed in this article.

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