When you hear the name BetQl, what comes to mind? Betting, right? Absolutely! BetQl is a betting app that gives you deep insights and analytics about the latest betting tips, game odds, accurate predictions betting percentages, and many more.

It was founded in 2015 by the QL gaming group which is also the parent company for Accuscore and RotoQl. They cover major sports betting such as football, NBA and college basketball, NFL and college football, NHL, and MLB.

In this BetQl app review, we are going to talk about BetQl pricing, promo codes, how to use their services to accurately predict game outcomes, and many more. And at the end of the article, you should be able to decide for yourself if it is a service you should use, or should just ignore.

BetQl Pricing

There are some features of BetQl that are free to use, however, to get accurate predictions and unlimited features, you will need to subscribe to their premium services.

They have a number of subscription plans: daily plans, monthly plans, and yearly plans. Their pricing plans are as follows:

Day Pass Plan | Starting at $2.99

betql app review

With this plan, you will get a 24hr full access to both BetQl web and mobile apps. all bet types, access to all sports, and BetQl bet pick. This plan is suitable for people who are having a second thought about BetQl services and their accuracy percents.

You can check out this pricing plan on their website pricing page.

Monthly Plan | Starting at $14.99

betql app review

This monthly pricing plan is suitable for people who have experience with betting and have already tested BetQl to be accurate and useful as they claimed they are. If you haven’t used BetQl before, I recommend subscribing to their “day pass plan” first to test their accuracy. You can check out this pricing plan on their website pricing page.

Yearly Plan | Starting at $59.99

betql app reviews

This pricing plan is most suitable for people that are full-time gamblers and are betting on a full scale or are a gambling company of some sort. Instead of subscribing to the monthly plan, you can take advantage of the yearly plan to get some discount off of your subscription. You can check out this pricing plan on their website pricing page.

You can visit BetQl pricing page HERE.

BetQl Plan FAQS

What payment methods can I subscribe with?

They accept all major credit cards

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, you can cancel your membership subscription plan, if you feel you don’t want to use their service anymore, make sure to cancel to avoid any unexpected billings.

Can I get a refund?

If you mistakenly subscribe to one of their plans which is not suitable for you, or you get any unexpected billings, you can get a refund in as much you request for it within 24 hours.

Where can I ask additional questions?

You can email their support email at  [email protected]  or visit their support page HERE.

BetQl Promo Codes


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BetQl Coupon | 30% OffMATCHDAY30
BetQl Coupon | 40% OffFRIDAY40
BetQl Risk-Free Bet | Up to $500QL150


Promo Code FAQS

Are these promo codes eligible to be used on an existing account?

No, these promo codes are specifically created for first-time customers and first-time deposits, it won’t work for you if you already have an account with BetQl.

How can I ask questions or report an issue?

If you have questions you need an answer to, you can visit BetQl support page HERE and fill in the boxes.

BetQl Navigations

BetQL has many impressive features throughout its website. Some are more general, such as articles or large sums of money, while others are more specific and include a comprehensive analysis of each game.

The header of the website features a block and menu of available sports on the website, it also features a small display where it shows the next game of the day to be played.

betql features

Their website also has a login/sign up button to the right in the top right corner, next to this option is a button to see their pricing plans and choose the one most suitable for you.

BetQl website menu also features lists of various sports you can bet on, if you hover over one of these menus, they will give you a dropdown menu of three columns with a list of sub-niches sports you can choose from if you wish to go deeper.

Betql dropdown menu

If you scroll down, you will see a section broken down into three parts.

betql three parts section

The first section is featuring an instructional video on how BetQl works, the second section is featuring the latest articles they have published on their sites so far while the third section is going to be showing you potential game analysis you might be interested to bet on.

Under these three-sectioned parts are another three-sectioned blocks:

betql review

All these three blocks section lead you to a specific board, depending on which button you click on, the dashboard settings will change. Get Odds button shows the best and favourable odds, the public button shows the public’s choice, and the get sharp button shows the sharp picks.

The next blocks are featuring a list of redeemable exclusive offers from various betting platforms:

betql features

If you click on one of the claim offer buttons listed, you will be taken to the appropriate page to claim the respective offers.

The last section contains blocks of the upcoming games to be played. These blocks show the best bet, the start time, the team record, and the odds. You can click “View full analysis” to go to a page that describes the best options and allows you to compare lines and find trends. You can also click “All Games” on the main screen and then see all the games available on the board.


How to subscribe to BetQl plans

To get access to BetQl services and make use of their prediction machines, obviously, you need to subscribe first so they can grant you access.

BetQL accepts all major credit cards. Since there is no long-term commitment, you can unsubscribe at any time. You must cancel your membership before the next renewal date to avoid future charges. You can request a refund. BetQL will send a refund request within 72 hours after your first payment to fulfil the refund request.

BetQl Customer Support

There is a “Help” button in the upper right corner of the BetQL website. This will take you to a page that offers several ways to find help. There is a search bar where you can enter your specific questions.

Below the search bar, there are various tags, depending on what you are looking for. These include information about BetQL, products, and features, billing, sports-specific tutorials, betting 101, sports betting offers, FAQs, contact us and join our team.

The label of your choice. There is a help notice box in the lower-left corner of this page. This way you can chat in real-time and ask for help if you can’t find what you need.

You can also click “Submit Request” in the upper right corner of the screen. This allows you to send emails to BetQL. Before submitting, please enter your email address, subject, description, and platform. You can also send an email directly to [email protected]


BetQL gives you access to create custom sports betting dashboards and save them for later use. BetQL also has a betting tracker, whatever sports you bet on in your account, it can keep track of all your winnings and losses! BetQL offers you all the most useful and popular betting tools in professional sports.

Have you tried the BetQl platform? Let us know how the experience went in the comment section below. If you are also looking forward to using their service, you can comment down in the comment section if you have any questions before going for them, I will try my best to give you accurate answers.

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