Ever came across a video that you liked and would have loved to save on your device for offline re-watch, but you didn’t know how to? You are not alone! In this article, you will discover how to save any Tiktok videos and without watermarks directly on your Android device with Tiktok video downloader apps. 

What is Tiktok?

Tiktok, formerly known as Musical.ly, is a video sharing social network app. The app which is used to create short lip-sync, dance and comedy videos is very popular among teens and young adults. With TikTok, you can edit your videos, add filters, effects, music and more. It’s really fun and addictive app.

TikTok is attracting more and more users worldwide, its growth curve is exponential. Because of this, many of the influencers of other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube have decided to start exploring TikTok a bit and they are already finding it interesting.


How To Download Tiktok Videos Without Watermarks

As the app is gaining more popularity worldwide, many users are already looking for ways to download unwatermarked Tiktok videos of their friends, followings and favourite influencers on their respective devices. Since the platform does not have this option, it did not take long for developers to come out with TikTok video downloader apps. And in this post, we’ve gathered the best we could find.

7 Tiktok Video Downloader Apps For Android

Without much ado and in no particular order, we present to you our top 7 picks video downloaders for TikTok.

1. TikMate Video Downloader 

First on this list of Tiktok video downloader apps is TikMate. The popular app already has more than 1 million downloads and is really worth it for its simplicity and functionality.Tikmate downloader

TikMate is very simple to use, you just have to go to the video you want to download, select the “share” option and hit the “copy link” button, open TikMate and paste the video link, the app will download the video in HD and without watermark.

Download TikMate Free from the Play Store

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2. Video Downloader For Tiktok

Well, the name of this application is quite eloquent, isn’t it? The truth is that it fulfils what it promises. Its design is not the most pleasant in the world but if you are only looking for functionality this application will serve you. It does the same as the application we saw earlier.

The process is the same as that detailed in the previous app, select the video or image you want to download and paste the link where the app indicates and hit the “Download” button. You also have the liberty of choosing to download only the audio in mp3 format, which is a very good function.

Download Video Downloader For Tiktok

3. Video Downloader for Tiktok Without Watermark

This is one of my favourite Tiktok video downloader app. The name may seem very similar to the one above, but they are not the same. With this app, in addition to downloading the free TikTok videos in HD, you will be able to save only the music and the live broadcasts of your contacts. In order to download the live broadcasts, you must wait for them to finish.

The app has a gallery where you will have all the multimedia files that you’ve downloaded to access them easily and quickly, and you can share them with your friends again.

Download Video Downloader

4. ReTik

Next on the list of Tiktok video downloader apps, is ReTik. It’s another application that allows you to download and save TikTok videos quickly, safely, 100% free and without the TikTok logo of the videos (watermark).

It has the automatic capture functionality which means that you don’t have to paste the copied video link anywhere. So if you want to download a video, just open your Tiktok app, as well as the Retik video downloader, copy the link of the video you want to download and Retik will begin to download it automatically.

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Download ReTik for Android

5. TikLoaderTikloader downloader

This is pretty much a perfect Tiktok video downloader. The app comes with some really cool features. With Tikloader, you can…

  • Download HD videos without watermark
  • Make wallpapers from your downloaded videos
  • Use as an alternative to Tiktok
  • Can download videos with links and URL
  • Can search for videos to download by music and so much more.

You will definitely love this one.


6. SnapTik

Another excellent Tiktok video downloader is SnapTik. , it’s a reliable app for your Android smartphone that does not require any registration, it is 100% free and easy to use. You can download audios, HD videos, without watermark and animated photos of TikTok, so you can use them whenever you want from your mobile phone even without the Internet.

An advantage that I really liked about this application is that it includes a built-in video player, which makes it very versatile. In addition, the downloads are made in the background and are not interrupted when closing the application.

Download SnapTik

7. Video Downloader For All

With an impressive 4.5/5 star rating from over 16k raters, Video Downloader For All, has proven to be one of the best Tiktok video downloader you can come across. It is very lightweight (3.3mb) and spots so many features. Some of its features are as follows;

  • Ability to download other videos from other top social sites
  • No login required
  • Supports multi-download
  • Inbuilt player to play video offline
  • Store and manage your videos
  • Ability to share your downloads on other social networks.
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How to Download Tiktok Videos With Video Downloader For All

  • Search for the TikTok video you want to download on your browser and copy the URL
  • Open Video Downloader For All, select Tiktok and paste the URL into the input field
  • Wait for the app to determine the Video
  • Now click on the download button


Frequently asked questions

🔥 How do I download a video from TikTok?

The process is simple, it generally consists of 3 steps: Watch the video you want to download, select the option to share the content and choose the “copy link” option. Then you must paste that link into any of the apps we’ve recommended in this list, and the app will take care of the rest.

⚡ Can you download a video from a TikTok live broadcast?

Yes, you can! The process to download it correctly is the same as in the previous question, but with a condition – you must wait for the live broadcast to finish before downloading the video.

🥇 Can I download the music/audio from a TikTok video?

Yes, it is possible, the second application that we mentioned in our list, has the option to download the music from the videos in .mp3 format.


There is an endless number of applications that allows you to download the content uploaded on the TikTok social network, it is likely that Google does not like this type of applications very much and sometimes ban them from its application store. But there will always be valid alternatives to carry out this task.

If you find these TikTok video downloader apps useful, please share this article with your friends or on your social networks to help spread our work, Thanks.


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