An analysis of the best free video editing software for Mac and Windows computers to download in 2021

Good Video editing software for Mac and Windows users are hard to come by as there are lots of junk software available on the internet. The most advanced and best video editing software for Mac and Windows are usually very expensive, it is unusual to find a professional video editing software that doesn’t have a huge price tag slammed on it.

In this pile of expensive advanced video editing software, there are however some free software that has been made for video editing enthusiasts who don’t want to spend extra dime on their video editing projects.

We have made a list of 5 best free video editing software for Mac and Windows that has both basic and advanced functionalities such as adjusting playback speed, applying green screen effects, trimming clips, and slow-motion effects.

The software listed below are  compatible with MacOs and Windows, easily accessible and the UIs are friendly to both experienced and new users.


Best Free Video Editing Software For Mac And Windows 2021

Listed in ascending order, we present to you our 5 best free video editing software for Mac and Windows computers in 2021.


Shotcut is one of our favorite video editing software that has gained worldwide popularity since its initial launch on the Linux platform before it was ported to Mac and Windows OS. The user interface looks very basic and many might confuse it with an unprofessional and low-functionality video editing tool, however, Shotcut is still one of the unrivalled free video editing software available for PC users.

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Basic functions like drag and drop media files to upload, makes Shotcut easy for inexperienced video editors. More advanced features like tweaking modules to configure display would require more practicing for newbies to understand.

Once you get familiar with Shotcut, you will uncover the full performance of this software and why it has gained a lot of users. The most outstanding feature of Shotcut is it’s large variety of filters that can be easily embedded into video and audio contents, these filter layers can be independently adjusted to get a customized effect.

Shotcut Main Features;
• Variety of effects and filters
• Fast and easy media import
• Direct streaming support


This is an online in-browser video editing software that doesn’t require any installation. To begin any video editing project, first you need to upload the file to an untraditional vertical project timeline. You can complete basic editing tasks such as adding filters, cropping videos, and applying transition effects.

One of the advantages of Movie Maker Online over other video editing software is that you won’t be bother about content storage because the projects can be accessible from any desktop computer that has internet connection. Another noteworthy advantage is that the specification and efficiency of your computer doesn’t affect the performance of this video editing software because all tasks happens in realtime on the cloud.

Movie Maker Online has a large collection of royalty-free images that you can easily embed into your video, still image, and movie projects without facing any issues.

Movie Maker Online Main Features;
• Supports all device specifications
• Realtime cross platform editing
• Cloud storage
• Original royalty-free music and images.


Want to get professional experience from constant video editing? Then you should download Hitfilm. This software is free to use and supports both Mac and Windows. Video editors can use Hitfilm to easily trim clips, adjust color balance, and export completed video projects in a wide range of video formats.
Those are just the basic features of Hitfilm, you can use this software to complete advanced tasks like set up green screen chroma keys, 3D compositional tools that would take your videos to mind blowing levels, and create customized video masks.

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Using Hitfilm, for the first-time users, may be confusing but with constant practice you should get the hang of it. Video editors who have worked with other advanced software would not face difficulties with Hitfilm.

There are some drawbacks to this awesome video editor. To smoothly run Hitfilm, you will need a high-end computer with powerful processor. Secondly the installation process is unnecessarily complicated, you will be required to share a link to FXhome (Hitfilm’s developer) on social media before getting access to the software.

Hitfilm Main Features;
• Extendable (pro version available)
• Lots of available usage tutorials
• Professional grade functions


This is certainly one of the best free video editing software for Mac PCs. It is available to just Mac users and comes preinstalled in MacOS X. The latest version iMovie 11 is a professional video editing software that has several features such as audio editing, one step effect, movie trailer, and lots more. Completed projects can be easily shared to YouTube, other social media platforms, or directly exported to your other devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
Getting started with iMovie is quite tricky especially if you haven’t used any video editing software earlier.

Apple iMovie Main Features;
• Hollywood themed movie trailers
• 4K resolution videos
• Simplified soundtracks
• Extra-special effects
• Green screen effects


Lightworks is the best free video editing software currently available for download. You can use Lightworks to make awesome professional standard videos at no cost, this software is a non-linear video editor and it is multitrack compatible so the quality of your project wont be affected while exporting the video.
Lightworks is packed with high-end professional features that are only available in paid software like Final Cut PRO. Such features include; Realtime preview of video effects, import ad render videos in the BACKGROUND etc.

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The major drawback of Lightworks is it’s professional user interface that would seem complex to first time and inexperienced users.

You can create an infinite number of layout variation while dragging various editing floating windows around, customize keyboard shortcuts for easy accessibility and faster editing tasks.
Lightworks is free on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms, it also has a pro version (Lightworks Pro) that comes with functions for improved experience. This software allows you to export completed projects in various video formats, directly upload to YouTube and other social media platforms, and create 3D masterpieces.

Lightworks Main Features;
• Power filters and effects
• Easily customizable interface
• Multi-tracking editing window
• Professional looking output


There you have it, our best free video editing software for Mac and Windows PCs, has successfully been revealed.

If you have read this far, then we believe you now have the answers you seek, as the items listed above are not just some of the best video editing software for Mac and Windows, but they can also be downloaded without any fee involved.


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