We all have an insatiable taste for news; it is something that allows us to keep abreast of our weird world and gives us a better understanding of our environment.

Since history began, there have been so many ways that current news and happenings were reported, they ranged from town criers to footed or horseback messengers to the more familiar ones like Newspapers and magazines. The media industry was revolutionized by technology starting with the invention of the TV, internet, and Smartphones.

The smartphones allowed us to get news at our fingertips with access to the internet being the only factor needed. Better still news apps have made it all the whole easier for us to accomplish those things, making finding relevant news less of a hassle to us.

One of those such apps is TopBuzz and I am sure it’s an app that you know all too well, the app boasts of being one of the most popular news apps and it has news on almost everything from funny viral videos to food, lifestyle, health, entertainment, celebrity gist and so much more. Its motto is that it brings “fresh space” for content creators to thrive in and it is true because they pay content creators based on the number of views their content is getting on the app.

One unique thing about it is that it has an algorithm that displays various types of content to only the most interested audience on the platform.

Now that you have gotten basic information about what TopBuzz is, let us go ahead and talk about other apps just like it.

Best Similar Apps Like Top Buzz

Buzz Feed

Buzzfeed is the closest app like TopBuzz and is quite popular on its own; its specialty is non-traditional news, meaning that they provide unbiased news without favour to any government or organization. They actually provide trustworthy news; it is just not news with any agenda in man.

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Just six corporations, thus making getting quality news in America an issue, owns 90 per cent of American traditional news sources

UpworthyTopBuzz Alternatives

Its motto is “Social Media with a Mission.” Stories and content that they feel truly matter and make a difference are what they love to write about. Upworthy  is an app like Top Buzz in so many ways and is actually very popular considering that they get up to 50 million visitors monthly.

In their news, they tend to prioritize social responsibility over independent wealth, and environmental issues, and news over celebrity selfies and cat videos.

In their app, they cherish delivering relevant news and uplifting stories; it is one of the most downloaded apps like TopBuzz and provides top-quality viral contents just like TopBuzz. You can also find exciting and shareable contents in your preferred format that you can share with your other social media platforms.

RedditReddit logo

This is so popular that you don’t need anyone to tell you what it is; the Reddit app is one of the extremely popular news aggregation apps out there in the world. It is an app like Top Buzz if you think about it. It has everything from viral news, to interesting stories, to viral videos or anything similar that’s on the internet is on the Reddit app.

Most people tend to call Reddit the front page of the internet. Its popularity is due to its active user community, the app has millions of active users that share their stories on the app, they upvote or downvote on other stories and have discussions on various topics that are available on the app.

The stories with the highest upvotes are on the top of the app and the downvoted ones are at the bottom making it easy to get the amazing topics easily.

The app has over 500 million monthly visitors and is rising steadily. Content creators tend to rate Reddit as the perfect place to get an audience for their shared contents and organic traffic.

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Users can also follow what are called “subreddits” which are topics created by the users. These can be created by anyone and users can then comment on or add information to a story by adding context or humour to it

Viral Nova

The list of apps like Top Buzz would be incomplete without Viral Nova making the cut. It is a very simple and seamless app that is very easy to search for and read contents on. The app contains a plethora of the latest news and has so many categories of news and content on it from science, to life, to culture, entertainment and politics; I recommend you download this app.

The site was founded in 2013 and has garnered quite a popularity, most apps and sites cannot match the number of readers that visit this site every month.
It garners over 100 million users each month and most of its popularity comes from providing positive stories and giving an interesting perspective on the things happening globally.

It is one of those few news apps that You don’t have to sign up for membership in order to get access to their content; you can also follow them on their social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter if you crave their most popular stories. The main tone of their content is informative and they try as much as possible to be unbiased.


This app, is yet another Top Buzz alternative and is focused on humour-based stories and content and garners over 300 million page views per month. Demand Media owns the app; the app is the most viewed humour site in the world. Now that is a great feat!

Cracked have amazing features such as humorous articles, videos, various infographics, and a forum with a very active community, I really recommend the app.

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It also has an opening for upcoming Writers. Therefore, if you are funny, brave and can create captivating copies, you can sign up. You will be paid whenever your article is accepted and published; they have a nice payment rate and style.


Digg is a popular news app just like TopBuzz, launched in 2004, making it two years older than the above-mentioned Buzzfeed. The app is a really cool app where anyone can submit stories on different topics, interesting and trending news, and celebrity gist and facts from across the internet.

It is an app that gives you so much freedom, Users can place comments, vote for contents they like, and can share top stories on their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a favourite aggregator news app. You can find news and content on several issues such as political issues, health, and science entertainment among others.

As the name of the app implies, it digs through the mass of internet content available online and delivers the most relevant and trending topics to you. It is similar to Reddit in the sense that users can upvote or down vote on submitted stories on the app but and is a very credible app, it’s just like TopBuzz and is very trustworthy, and mostly devoid of false information. The users can share a multitude of stories on the app on other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter; it is a very popular and unique platform.


And there you have it; our list of Top Buzz alternatives has finally left the bag. If you are tired of using TopBuzz, or just looking for an app to compliment it, we hope you were able to pick an app or more from those listed in this article.


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