Every AFK Arena player needs a Tier List that would guide them on the best heroes to choose from during different stages of their gaming adventure on AFK Arena. The 2021 AFK Arena Tier List is a compilation of the best-rated heroes for different game modes such as Guild Boss, PVE, Labyrinth, and PVP matches.

AFK Arena is grouped into four stages based on the level of a player. The stages are as follows;

  • Early Stage: Level 1 – 100
  • Mid Stage: Level 101 – 160
  • Late Stage: Level 161 – 240
  • Final Stage: Level 241 upwards

AFK Arena has over 70 heroes to choose from, allowing gamers to test and find the most suitable squad for different game modes. Although all heroes have unique sets of skills, some characters are worth obtaining more than others.

AFK Arena Tier List (2021) Methodology

This AFK Arena Tier list was compiled to help gamers find the best heroes by ranking them based on their versatility.

While creating the list, we carefully picked characters using the following criteria as our guide;

  • Heroes availability and compatibility with the latest patch version.
  • The character’s ability to work with other heroes.
  • Heroes’ durability in different game modes.
  • Hero’s ability to play in Final Stage (level 241+)

AFK Arena Tier List 2021

D-Rated Tier: These characters are expendable and should always be first on your list if you are planning on sacrificing heroes during your time on the game. They are only good in the Early Stages of AFK Arena and are not suitable for higher-level battles if you want to win. 

HeroGuild HuntsArcane LabyrinthPvPPvE
NiruBadBelow AverageBelow AverageBelow Average
SilvinaBelow AverageBadBadBelow Average
HoganBadBadBelow AverageBelow Average
AnkhiraBelow AverageAverageBelow AverageBelow Average
MiraelBelow AverageBelow AverageAverageBelow Average
SaveasBadBelow AverageAverageAverage
IraBelow AverageBelow AverageBelow AverageGood
VedanAverageBelow AverageBelow AverageAverage
AngeloBelow AverageAverageBelow AverageBelow Average
NumisuGoodBelow AverageAverageBelow Average
ArdenBadBelow AverageBelow AverageVery Good
VurkGoodBelow AverageBelow AverageAverage
ThoranBadBelow AverageGoodAverage

C-Rated Tier: Heroes in this list are good for the early and mid-stages of the game but are quite useless in the late and final stages, they should be sacrificed when leveling up.

HeroGuild HuntsArcane LabyrinthPvPPvE
 Anoki Good Below Average Average Good
Torne Average  Below Average  Average Average
 Izold Below Average  Below Average  Average Average
 Estrilda Good  Below Average  Average  Good
 Raine Good  Below Average Below Average Below Average
 Warek Very Good Good Good  Good
 Grezhul Very Good  Good  Good  Good
 Seirus Bad  Good  Good  Good
 Oscar Average Average Average  Good
 Skriath Below Average Average  Good Average
 Gorvo Average Good  Good Average
 Skreg Average Good  Good  Good
 Oden Good Average  Good  Good
 Lorsan Excellent Good  Good  Good
 Khasos Very Good Good  Good  Good

B-Rated Tier: Good sets of skills and very dependable but not built for Late and Final Stages of AFK Arena.

Hero Guild Hunts Arcane LabyrinthPvP PvE
 Authur Average Average Good Good
 Mezoth Below Average Good Good Average
 Isabella Very GoodVery Good Good Good
 Baden Excellent Very Good Average Average
 Antandra Very Good Very Good Very Good Good
Saurus Excellent Good Average Good
 Solise Average Average Good Good
 Orthros Average Good Very Good Very Good
 Belinda Good Good Good Very Good
 Ukyo Good Good Good Average
 Flora Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
 Khazard Good Very Good Good Very Good
 Safiya Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good
 Fawkes Good Good Very Good Very Good
 Wu Kong Good Good Very Good Good
 Ezizh Good Good Very Good Very Good
 Hendrik Good Very Good Very Good Very Good

A-Rated Tier: Every hero in this tier is powerful and can be used to easily win battles from the Early Stages to the Late Stages of AFK Arena. Although they are not fully equipped with the skills required for the Final Stages, they are worth investing time and energy in until you get to the Final Stages of this game.

 HeroGuild Hunts Arcane Labyrinth PvP PvE 
 Nara GoodVery Good Excellent Very Good 
 Lyca Very Good Very Good Excellent Very Good
 Rosaline Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
 Rowan Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
 Eironn Very Good Good Very Good Very Good
 Mehira Good Very Good  Very Good Very Good
 Ferael Excellent Very Good Excellent Excellent
 Kaz ExcellentVery Good Very Good Very Good
 Nemora Very Good Excellent Excellent Excellent
 Brutus Good Very Good Good Excellent
 TasiAverage  ExcellentExcellent  Excellent
 Gwyneth Very Good Very Good Excellent Very Good

S-Rated Tier: The stats speak for themselves. These are the best of the best. Every hero in this list is worth investing everything on. Characters here are the highest rated in AFK Arena and they can easily fit into any battle mode on all levels without breaking a sweat. Heroes here are easily compatible with each other, giving you a strong team that is flexible to every battle strategy.

 Hero  Guild HuntsArcane LabyrinthPvPPvE 
 Elijah & Lilah Very GoodExcellentExcellent Excellent 
 Shemira ExcellentExcellentVery GoodExcellent
 Lucius Very GoodVery GoodVery GoodVery Good
 Athalia Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
 Talene Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

Conclusion On AFK Arena Tier List 2021

AFK Arena is an Idle game which means you as a player do not have total control of actions taken by each hero in play, however, the success of every battle depends on the heroes selected and the strategies used. As a player, you play a big role in the success of your team by choosing a good squad that is compatible with each other and also a good formation because each character’s performance is determined by the two.

This  AFK Arena tier list 2021 is also to help you come to terms with the fact that some heroes are not as good as others, and they should be disposed of when the time comes. That Hendrik is very efficient at the early stages of AFK Arena doesn’t make him a character for the Final Stages.

Your success as a gamer on AFK Arena is highly dependent on your ability to know when heroes reach their limit stage and when to stop using them.


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