Distractions when you work from home

3 Main Distractions When You Work From Home And How To Avoid Them

Discover the 3 main distractions when you work from home and how to avoid them.

Working from home is the dream of most people as they get to enjoy many benefits. But do you know that you are going to face certain distractions when you work from home?

Don’t worry, it’s normal. That’s why in this article, I explain what the 3 main distractions when you work from home are, and how you can avoid them.

The dream of being free

First, surely you didn’t even imagine that such a life was possible, am I wrong? Like many others, you envisaged yourself working in an office from 8 am to 5 pm, or in a consultation, or a store, or a factory …

You thought you would work from Mondays to Fridays, eleven months a year and so on until you turned 65. You thought you would live looking forward to your off days or the holiday periods which in most cases, you wouldn’t even be able to choose when to enjoy it.

Then, you realise that we are living a real technological revolution, and you began to see other possibilities.

For a long time, you have dreamed of a life without schedules, without displacements, without ties. You imagined a life in which you owned your time. And you wanted to be able to choose when and where to work.

You saw yourself travelling the world with your backpack, or simply in your city working from home. And envied the people you saw in super cool coffee shops with their computers, and you made up your mind that you are certainly going to be one of them.

The ups and the downs

When you finally achieved it, you felt thrilled, free, satisfied … However, as time goes by, you realise that not everything is pink. Like everything else, this lifestyle has its face and its reverse side, and distractions are a big problem if you don’t know how to manage them.

When you dreamed of working from home, you imagined how comfortable it would be. You wished you didn’t have to go anywhere to go to work. You wanted to be able to choose your clothes, not having to meet specific dress standards at work. You longed for freedom, to be able to work when you wanted and from where you wanted.

The 3 main distractions when you work from home

Without a doubt, the freedom that working from home gives you is the best that this life can ever give you. It allows you to give priority to what you want at all times, be it to the family, to the responsibilities you have to face, to work …

This is the best life one could ever wish for! However, at the same time, it becomes a double-edged sword.

The ability to choose makes you free. However, it is important to know how to choose well, or it can turn against you; Knowing how to manage distractions is essential to enjoy working from home

The fact that you can choose at any moment what you want to do is also dangerous. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to lead this lifestyle.

As I told you before, not everything is rosy. Endless distractions can make stress take over you. And for this not to happen to you, I will explain what are the 3 main distractions when you work from home and how you can avoid them:

1. Phones and Internet

Today we are very connected, sometimes even too much. Internet and mobile are undoubtedly one of the main distractions when you work from home.

Working with the computer and not deconcentrating or distracting yourself is difficult if you don’t take the appropriate measures. Social networks, email, Internet … are real sources of distraction if you don’t manage them properlySurely it has happened more than once, that you switched on your data to check something online, and by the time you realise it, it has been more than half an hour.

You have been browsing from one page to another, without doing anything productive, just whiling away time. The same can be said for social networks. You cannot work with the page of any open social network and allow each notification to divert your attention and consume your time.

2. Family and friends

This is a very sensitive issue. There are many people who don’t understand that you are really working. By doing it from home, it would seem to them that you are doing something that is not so important. And that as you are at home, you are available to everything and everyone.

They believe that you can leave your work at any time and for any reason, and do what they ask or simply to come by your room to visit you.

You need to focus on being productive with your work. You cannot afford to be continuously interrupted. Nor is it productive to work in an environment with noises, your concentration is essential so that you can perform a good job and be productive. Both noise and your family and friends are, without a doubt, another major distraction when you work from home.

3. Your distractions

On many occasions, you are your worst enemy. Being in your house, without bosses and being able to do what you really want is dangerous. Sometimes distractions go through your mind, and if you don’t have enough discipline, they make you foolishly waste your time.

The tendency is that you stop doing what you were doing to do what just came to mind. This is a normal reaction, we are humans, and we respond to stimuli. However, you have to learn how to manage these distractions properly.

How to work from home without getting distracted

To avoid the 3 main distractions when you work from home, it essential that you first identify them. You must know it is an interruption when it occurs.

Once you know that it is a distraction and you are aware of what type, you can act accordingly, looking for the best solution.

For example, to avoid Internet interruptions, it is vital that before starting work, you close all non-working pages. If you receive notifications for having your user session open, it is better that you deactivate the configuration since this will not interrupt you.

If you are working offline, you could even disconnect the Internet. It makes no sense to have it connected if you don’t need it.

With the mobile, the same thing happens. Most applications send you notifications that appear directly on your home screen. If you do not want them to steal your time and distract youI recommend that you disable them.

Of course, my first recommendation is to put it in silence as soon as you start working. Another option to not receive these continuous notifications is to put it in airplane mode.

To avoid being distracted continuously with the mobile, you must take appropriate measures; choose the airplane mode, silence it, put it in a drawer … but do something!

Distractions caused by friends and family are the most delicate. It is essential from the beginning that you make your environment see that, although you are at home, your work is as serious as theirs.

Your work hours are your work hours, and nobody should bother you. It is necessary that you establish a daily routine, that you mark a few hours, so that those around you know, more or less, the hours in which you will be working.

Your work is as serious and important as that of any other person, regardless of whether you work from home

First, you must choose where in your home you are going to work. It must be a quiet place, where no one will be interrupting you continuously. It has to be a place without noise.

If you live alone and decide to work in your room, that’s fine. However, if you live with friends or family, you should look for a place where you will be alone: your room, an office …

Your well-being depends on your productivity

Your well-being depends on your productivity. By avoiding these 3 main distractions when you work from home, you will get to enjoy the freedom that working from home allows you. Do not let this turn against you so you can enjoy this great lifestyle. If you want to enjoy this lifestyle, you must avoid these interruptions at all costs and, those that you cannot avoid, manage them properly.

Although they are not all the distractions you can find, these are the 3 main distractions that I have found working from home. Are there any you would like to add?

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